Let us first answer a few questions which doesn’t known by a citizen who wants to get a service.

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<h1>Which documents are required for international transport ?</h1>

Required documents ;

1- Copy of identity card

2- Photocopy of the passaport

3- Power of Attorney(Notarized)

4-Address Information Report from the Department of Population

5-Zone Address and Other Address Certificate from governorship

6-Flight ticket

7-place residence of country of destination

How many days will it cost to take my stuff ?

If you transport it with SIR international home transport, your stuff delivers maximum in 20 days. While it is a short time for us, it can be long for you. It is short for us because we are only company that goes from Europe to Turkey and from Turkey to Europe. That’s what is right. If you transport with any of the other companies, it will be delivered within a minimum of 50 days.

Do price determine according to what ?

Prices are determined by how many cubic meters of goods are and the distance of the country to Germany.

international house transport
uluslararası evden eve nakliyat

Why Germany?

Because the storage and distribution region of all international transport companies is Germany.

The best price that can give you is 100 euro for cubic meter of personal goods.

For each offer you get below this price, search the company that offers the price from www.sikayetvar.com

These prices don’t include loading, unloading and packing.

Contact us for all other topics like personal goods transport, furniture transport etc. Please do not forget to get free information advice and help from us.

How can we learn how many cubic meters goods we have ?

You can use this free volume calculation program to get information.

Our company which has a professional understanding of work and international vision provides its customers with a high standard of transportation service.

Transport and transport services are an important issue that requires experience and institutional missions. When you move your home, workplace or office, it will be easier to get help from a specialist transportation company.

As Sir Logistics, we are aware of the expectations of our customers and we carry out our transactions with the quality that each of our customers will feel special about.

Our company serves you from the very beginning to the end of the international goods transportation and transportation good by maintaining the same professional understanding.

We are one of the companies providing transportation services both nationally and internationally.

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